coyotes in space - Supplemental Proofs

Supplemental Proofs

Hash: SHA256


This document has been signed by my PGP key, verifiable at I also have multiple proven identities there, including Twitter, Github, Reddit, and a few domains I own control of.

Link-back Accounts

I also declare ownership of the following accounts, which contain references to my Keybase

Unprovable Accounts

I also declare ownership of the below unprovable accounts. These are accounts that cannot contain a direct link back to my Keybase, but will respond on-request with a link to the Keybase as proof, or a signed message.

  • Discord: Ceralor#0001
  • IRC: KayOhtie, DakotaFinley, Ceralor, Toupatou on Furnet

Additional Accounts

You may find other users operating as the username Ceralor, Kay Ohtie, or Toupatou. For verification, request a clear-signed message.


You may view a copy of this signed proof directly, unformatted, by clicking here.


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