Coyotes in Space - In which I don't imitate Garfield...

In which I don't imitate Garfield...

Good morning. Or bad. Or meh! I dunno. It's a morning at least, and one in which plans don't seem to matter, so horray for that I guess? Buh.

Was hoping to go for a walk this morning but my earlier alarm never went off, so oops! At least had a decent breakfast, bottled as it may be, and settling in for work included walking in to a systems down, which is what brings me to venting today.

Currently, my job role is a tier 3 role for systems administration at my company. But, with our company being acquired, and new infrastructure (read: internet and firewall) being installed, and with minimal training on it, I'm finding myself frustrated whenever I'm not able to get help from my coworker who knows the systems better.

Ah well! I'm going to see if I can't figure out some means of installing a gallery type thing to this. I really like the idea of static sites, but if Pelican won't do I can look elsewhere I suppose. They're pretty similar all around, I presume.

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